We’ve Partnered With St. Jude’s Anglican Primary School!


In line with our commitment to supporting public education in Lagos State, we’ve partnered with St. Jude’s Anglican Primary School, with a promise to making recurring donations of school supplies and stationery to the students and teachers of the school.

St. Jude’s Anglican Primary School is a public primary school located at the intersection of Freeman and Ondo streets in Ebute-Metta, Lagos State. It has a student population of 350 students in classes ranging from kindergarten to primary six. There are 15 full-time teachers and two parent-teacher volunteers that help out with administrative duties at the school.

The motto of St. Jude’s Anglican Primary School is “Sound Mind Is Healthy Body”. By partnering with St. Jude’s, we’re hoping to positively contribute to fostering students with sounder minds, which would ultimately lead to a healthier Lagos State.

We’re hopeful that these small efforts of ours can have a huge positive impact on at least one of these students at St. Jude’s. Our goal is to be able to sustain these efforts for many years to come. Please check back frequently on this blog to follow and keep up with our progress.

Thank you very much for your support.

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