UNIFORM: World’s Softest Tee.

We ordered one of the black UNIFORM “World’s Softest Tee” T-shirts and it arrived in the mail yesterday. We were super excited to try it out, and we were not disappointed with the look and feel of the shirt. UNIFORM produces ethically made T-shirts in West Africa, mostly in a factory in Monrovia, Liberia. You can find more details about their story here.

One of the extremely cool things about UNIFORM, apart from making really comfortable T-shirts, is that for every T-shirt that is sold, they provide a school uniform to a student in Liberia. This helps in reducing costs of attending school for students in Liberia. We think this is a very commendable effort and is in line with the social impact commitment of LagosHats.com. We also got a picture of the student that received the school uniform because of our purchase.

UNIFORM ran a very successful KickStarter campaign to fund this project. It was pretty impressive and we hope that they are able to sustain it. Who knows, in the future, maybe we might partner with UNIFORM to obtain our T-shirts for printing LagosHats.com products?

We wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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